Nuts are a tasty treat and are full of nutrients including healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Each nut has its merit.

* Cashew nuts  – a great source of magnesium

* Almonds –  contain fiber and bone-building calcium.

* Walnuts – contain brain-boosting, cholesterol-lowering Omega 3 fats.

* Pistachios – contain heart boosting potassium

* Pecans –  contain plant sterols which help lower bad cholesterol

* Hazelnuts – rich source of cancer-fighting antioxidants

Go Nuts for Cardiovascular Health

Need a snack? A handful of nuts is a tasty treat that helps in lowering cholesterol. Nuts are high in monounsaturated fat, which lowers *LDL “bad” cholesterol while leaving **HDL “good” cholesterol intact. You can’t find a more heart-healthy snack than nuts — people who eat about an ounce of nuts a day have lower risk of heart disease. Nuts are high in fat and calories, so only eat a handful. And make sure they’re not covered in sugar or chocolate.

Nuts offer you fiber, protein, vitamin E, magnesium, b vitamins, and potassium.

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*LDL: Low-density lipoprotein

**HDL: High-density lipoprotein