We are always striving to own the most unique product range, so if you have any fantastic suggestion you would like to make to us, please do get in touch.

You may contact us through our email: foodstationwales@gmail.com, or you can write in the comments section.

We’ve purchased a selection of Turkish delight from your stand at Mold. They were just the most special sweet we have eaten.

— Suki, from Japan               


I used to hate olives but when I tried some from you I was ‘hooked’. The stuffed ones tasted great specially with pimento. I would love to get more next time to your show.

–Marleen, from Belgium


I had enjoyed the entertaining humor from your sales staff. They had the special talent of teasing you into buying more. But I like their no-rush service. Keep up with the work!

–Kerstin, from Wellingborough


I was just marveled by the tiny chocolate-coated sunflower seeds while passing by your stand. Couldn’t believe they are so fresh and cripsy! I nibbled all the way back home 🙂 .

–Tristan, from Northampton

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